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DigiConnect Fire Safety Middle East Digi-Conference

Event Overview

The recent increase in building fires in the Middle East region have raised concerns and put fire safety on top of the agenda for government officials and building owners. Moreover, the Middle East fire safety systems and equipment market is set to register 2.6% compound annual growth to 2025 accumulating a combined value of $2.3bn, according to a 6Wresearch recent report. While the current crisis has affected several upcoming projects, project stakeholders are now keen to source cost efficient solutions without compromising on the safety. On the other hand, existing building owners and facility management are looking for remote solutions for inspections and maintenance.

In lights of this, The first Fire Safety Middle East Digi-Conference series will focus on the latest trends and innovations in fire safety, prevention, detection, suppression, rescue, and the opportunities in improving the safety of existing buildings.

This Digi-Conference will bring together senior experts from civil defense, government authorities, fire safety professionals from developers, consultants, mega project owners, facility management, MEP contractors, and municipalities from across the Middle East along with global tech players involved in developing innovative solutions to engage in thought-provoking discussions and share latest best practices, challenges and thought leadership on ways to boost fire safety and prevention.

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Speakers and Advisors

Sajid Raza
Chief Executive Officer,
Butler ME
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Mohamed Elweshahy
MEP Director,
Shomoul Holding Company
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Abdullah Faza
Senior Fire & Life Safety Consultant,
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Murali Ramaiyan
Senior Fire Engineer,
Warrington Fire
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Aaron Mc Daid
Design Confidence Consultancy

Anam Asad
Senior Fire Engineer,
Design Confidence Consultancy

Ian Mason
Senior Associate,
Woods Bagot

Why Get Involved?


Who will attend the Fire Safety Middle East Digi-Conference?

Regional C-suite executives from:

Conference Format

Conference Program

Gulf Standard Time (GMT +4) Conference Program
10:05 Welcome Remarks from Great Minds Group
10:10 Opening remarks from Chairman
10:15 Opening panel discussion: Decoding the recent major fire incidents in the Middle East
  • What lessons can be learned from these incidents to prevent future incidents?
  • Fire and life safety code and protective measures covering recent incidents
  • Brining the balance between innovation and regulation
  • Moving beyond standard fire safety assessments 
  • Upgrading existing infrastructure with the latest fire and life safety systems
10:45 Presentation by platinum partner
2 mins Info-clip

A short video segment showcasing latest in building fire safety
11:00 Panel discussion: Should the FLS be designed to meet code requirements and regulations or the functional requirements
  • Is it possible to deviate from the FLS regulations?
  • Developers pressing concerns due to extreme requirements
  • What requirements are mandatory and what is not? Is there flexibility in adherence?
  • Master planning of MEGA development projects and role of various stakeholders in the long-term MEGA projects
  • Handling the complex requirements of a constantly evolving and a changing environment
With the era of smart cities and new types of buildings, this session will highlight how fire safety experts are coping with the smart systems, advancements in robotics, unmanned vehicles, fire engineering, etc. This session will highlight key emerging innovations in fire safety, surveying, prevention, detection, suppression, and rescue. The session consists of Four (10 minutes) back-to-back presentations from experts in the industry.

Moderator: TBC
What are the procedures in adopting innovation?

Industry insight 1:
Industry insight 2: 
Industry insight 3:
Industry insight 4:

Q&A with the presenters
  • Are these innovations regulated?
  • What are the regional and international codes around these innovations?
  • Are there any best practices in these in the GCC?

12:40 Live demonstration session
*Live demonstration of an innovation, a key product or solution
12:55 Fireside chat: Has the building fire and life safety systems evolved to handle new threats?
  • What is new in fire and life safety of high-rises, residential, and commercial buildings?
  • What is the adoption level of new tech to identify and handle new threats?
  • Understanding the role of material selection and system design in the prevention of fires related to façade and cladding
  • What are the general gaps in understanding the requirements?
  • Training to mitigate risks due to behavioural safety issues
13:10 Presentation: Role of testing in fire safety
13:20 Presentation:
  • Anam Asad, Senior Fire Engineer, Design Confidence Consultancy
13:30 Closing panel discussion: Fire safety in the new and aging facades
  • Improving the understanding of how different materials work when put together
  • Understanding the effect of façade innovations on fire safety
  • Whose role is it to reduce the risk of the potential loss of life or property damage?
  • Ensuring the continuous operability and maintainability of systems

  • Abdullah Faza, Senior Fire & Life Safety Consultant, AESG

  • Aaron Mc Daid, Principal, Design Confidence Consultancy
  • Ian Mason, Senior Associate, Woods Bagot
14:00 Closing remark by chairman and end of conference

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